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Gus & Shawn will occasionally mention eating Japadogs, which at the time of filming, were street vendors located only in Vancouver, Canada where the show was filmed and not in Santa Barbara, California where it is supposed to take place. The show's premise is refreshingly plausible, despite the seemingly dozens of shows in recent years in which detectives with 'special powers' solve crimes.

Shawn and Gus go through many ups and downs trying to keep the ruse up. Or is the world they built going to come crumbling down? I haven't seen anyone with this much star potential since Tom Cruise came onto the scene.

Many critics compared the series to its lead-in program, Monk, leading to negative opinions on the program's originality.

The premiere episode was watched by approximately 6.1 million viewers, making it the highest-rated scripted series premiere for a cable network.

The comedy-drama series focuses on Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a police consultant who pretends to be psychic, and his assistant Burton "Gus" Guster, a pharmaceuticals salesman.

The season consisted of fifteen 43-minute episodes, which aired at p.m. Franks conceived the idea for the show when producers at Columbia Pictures requested he pitch them ideas for a TV program while he was working on the film Big Daddy.

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"The series finale, I think, is probably the most emotional episode that we've had just because the heart of the show is, and always has been, two best friends who go on these crazy adventures and are willing to essentially die for one another doing it," Roday says. "I really tip my hat to Steve Franks who did a great job of tying up all the loose ends but not tying it up so tight so there's nowhere to go," he says.

Overall, the first season has received generally positive reviews from critics.

Initially, the show was met with mixed reviews, with episodes later in the season receiving generally positive reception.

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