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Terry [Terence Winter] always says it’s possible for me to come back.” De la Huerta’s character, Lucy Danziger, was last seen in season two on the hit series, shortly after giving birth to a baby with Michael Shannon’s character, Van Alden.

She then went out to get formula for the baby and never returned.

Olson himself, in bare feet and a loose black suit, slung up in a noose.

Underneath, he explained as we looked through photos on his i Mac, will be a slice of demographics—“some Hasidics, some Africans, whatever”—looking up at him.

Below it’ll say “We all come from the same bang.” Much of Mr. He rolled with a crew from Orange County, unofficial rivals of the famous Dogtown kids to the North.

After a tragic, near-death experience, Paz de la Huerta took an extended break from mainstream Hollywood.

Her parents are Ricardo Ignacio de la Huerta y Ozores, the Spanish XVII Duke of Mandas and Villanueva, De la Huerta was born with recurrent cystic hygroma under her arm, which she has had treated with multiple surgeries.

Her mother worked as an authority on birth control and women's issues in Third World countries.

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Most recently the 31-year-old actress filed a lawsuit against Lionsgate for million, claiming a 2011 accident left her unable to work and permanently hurt.

Now, the wild child may be returning to “Boardwalk Empire,” the groundbreaking HBO series that made her a household name.

“I had a great experience on ‘Boardwalk Empire,’” de la Huerta told FOX411 exclusively at Arcana in Culver City, Calif., where she was signing copies of her new book, “The Birds Didn’t Die Over The Winter.” “I’m still close with the producers.

“It didn’t start off, like, you know, ‘We’re making a book.’ It was more like, ‘Let’s just take some pictures,’” explained de la Huerta.

Model and actress Paz de la Huerta was born September 3, 1984.

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