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Relationships in which the man is older than the woman make sense for all sorts of reasons. They are often ready to move along a life stage — get a mortgage, get married, have kids — while men are still sticking posters to their bedroom walls and thinking seriously about getting a tattoo.

While a lot of same-age relationships work out fine, when trouble does come along, it is more often than not because she wants to get on with growing up while he hangs back, uncertain and not ready to be encumbered with all that responsibility just yet.

A few months ago, in October, scandal swept through Minnesota high school tennis.

It was revealed that at the all girls private school only a few miles away from the school I attend, the male Varsity Tennis coach was sleeping with at least one of his players. Obviously this is an extreme example of a dangerous relationship made by an age gap. One formula that seeks to address this problem is [Guy’s Age] / 2 7 = [Girl’s Age].

Second, the formula exposes the interesting stereotype that girls are trying to date older guys, while guys only want to date younger girls.

Notice there isn’t an easily accessible formula for how young girls can go, or how old boys can go.

A large part of that injustice is mental growth rates.

Question:- I've just started seeing a much younger woman.

What age gap — if any — is feasible in the long term?

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